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Visite du jardin atelier, découverte et ramassage de bois flottés et déchets de l'Estuaire....
We are preparing a Sturgeon....

for 6th, 5th and SEGPA classes at Vauban college in Blaye (33390)


Visit to the workshop garden.

Discovery of the artistic universe.

Collection of different objects and materials washed up on the edge of the Estuary.

Creation of various sculptures........

Chloé's owl, Maxime's butterfly, Beautiful flowers etc.......

Today was a great workshop day at the Collège Vauban in Blaye: creating insects, flowers, etc. with waste from the estuary.

It is the continuation of a program to create a lively garden.

Half-natural driftwood bodies with plastic wings, like we are imbued with today...


Animation workshop in schools on the collection of all waste in rivers, lakes, oceans... creation of works made of driftwood, plastics and other waste for those polluted.... to raise awareness of the impact ecological.

Our children will be the bandages of tomorrow.

For any workshops and formalities, please contact me on 06 64 30 09 37.

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